Musicians tell their stories. Their music brings those stories to life.
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Damien Jurado is an incredibly heartfelt, sincere singer-songwriter who has crafted more than 12 albums in his long career. But his love affair with music began with the acrid tang of punk rock, and a mysterious stranger who taught him all he knew about punk.

Check out Damien’s latest album, Maraqopa, at It’s whimsical and revelatory and magical. This episode was produced by Julia DeWitt and Stephanie Foo with mixing help from Renzo Gorrio.

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Zachary Gray of the rock band the Zolas is a nice dude. No, really, he’s a super nice dude. And he’s never been in a fight…which is why his first physical encounter is so damn funny.

All the music in this piece was by the Zolas. Thanks much to them…and please go listen to their rad new album, Ancient Mars, ASAP!