Musicians tell their stories. Their music brings those stories to life.
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Beats Antique kinda sounds like if personifications of the world’s traditional music all got high and went clubbing together—a blend of Middle-Eastern, Balkan, African and American jams.

Drummer Tommy Cappel tells a story of how he came to play Balkan music. His tale is set in the famous Guča Festival in Serbia, where his crazy, sexy Extra Action Marching Band came up against the world’s best brass bands.

Butch Vig is a legendary producer. You might have heard of his work—Nirvana’s Nevermind, maybe? He’s also the drummer for Garbage, one of the most prolific and recognized rock bands of all time. So Butch has performed a lot—over 1,000 shows, all counted. But his most memorable show of all was in Serbia. In a castle. Surrounded by zombies.

All the music in this piece was by Garbage. Listen to their latest album, Not Your Kind of People. It is catchy and it kills. Thanks so much to Butch and the band!