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Zachary Gray of the rock band the Zolas is a nice dude. No, really, he’s a super nice dude. And he’s never been in a fight…which is why his first physical encounter is so damn funny.

All the music in this piece was by the Zolas. Thanks much to them…and please go listen to their rad new album, Ancient Mars, ASAP!

Butch Vig is a legendary producer. You might have heard of his work—Nirvana’s Nevermind, maybe? He’s also the drummer for Garbage, one of the most prolific and recognized rock bands of all time. So Butch has performed a lot—over 1,000 shows, all counted. But his most memorable show of all was in Serbia. In a castle. Surrounded by zombies.

All the music in this piece was by Garbage. Listen to their latest album, Not Your Kind of People. It is catchy and it kills. Thanks so much to Butch and the band!

Neon Trees is an awesome pop-rock band that was on the road, trying to get to a huge festival with 120,000 screaming fans. But on the flight over, they are cornered by a furious FBI Agent/ stewardess. Will they be able to make it to the concert or will they wind up in jail?

Thanks so much to Neon Trees for the interview and for the use of their music! Check out their new album, Picture Show. And thanks, BFD!

Grouplove’s album, Never Trust A Happy Song, featuring their hit single Tongue Tied, is a swirling, bursting playground of an album. But the studio in which they recorded the album had a decidedly different vibe. Band members Christian Zucconi, Andrew Wessen and Ryan Rabin tell us about recording in Ryan’s apartment building and the shady host of neighbors that almost got them arrested.

Thanks so much to Grouplove for the interview and for the use of their music! And thanks, BFD!