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Zachary Gray of the rock band the Zolas is a nice dude. No, really, he’s a super nice dude. And he’s never been in a fight…which is why his first physical encounter is so damn funny.

All the music in this piece was by the Zolas. Thanks much to them…and please go listen to their rad new album, Ancient Mars, ASAP!

Paul Sanchez had been a reveling singer and songwriter for decades—it was his entire life. But when tragedy struck the one thing he loved more than his music, he realized that his performing days were numbered.

Most of the music in this piece was by Paul Sanchez, including songs from the musical he is currently working on, Nine Lives. It’s a musical about the history of New Orleans between hurricanes Isaac and Katrina—you can hear it on Spotify already, so definitely listen. And thanks so much to Snap Judgment, who originally aired this story.

Neon Trees is an awesome pop-rock band that was on the road, trying to get to a huge festival with 120,000 screaming fans. But on the flight over, they are cornered by a furious FBI Agent/ stewardess. Will they be able to make it to the concert or will they wind up in jail?

Thanks so much to Neon Trees for the interview and for the use of their music! Check out their new album, Picture Show. And thanks, BFD!

Justice is now an international sensation, with a Grammy, a gold record and sold-out epic shows across the world. But before they were superstars, they were just a couple of weird kids making strange glitchy noises that nobody could stand. Stagedive tracks their evolution by going behind the scenes of their hit single Waters of Nazareth.

Thanks so much to Justice for the interview and for their music. We also used remixes of Waters of Nazareth by Erol Alkan, Pocketvince and TA DA.