Musicians tell their stories. Their music brings those stories to life.
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Damien Jurado is an incredibly heartfelt, sincere singer-songwriter who has crafted more than 12 albums in his long career. But his love affair with music began with the acrid tang of punk rock, and a mysterious stranger who taught him all he knew about punk.

Check out Damien’s latest album, Maraqopa, at It’s whimsical and revelatory and magical. This episode was produced by Julia DeWitt and Stephanie Foo with mixing help from Renzo Gorrio.

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Zachary Gray of the rock band the Zolas is a nice dude. No, really, he’s a super nice dude. And he’s never been in a fight…which is why his first physical encounter is so damn funny.

All the music in this piece was by the Zolas. Thanks much to them…and please go listen to their rad new album, Ancient Mars, ASAP!

Gossip’s Beth Ditto is a gorgeous rockstar with a huge voice by night, but by day she is just a regular Southern girl who likes to shop at Loehmann’s. Here, she tells a story about her first brush with fame at the bicentennial of her hometown— Georgetown, Arkansas.

All music in this piece is by Gossip. Please listen to their incredible new album, A Joyful Noise. It is made to sing (and dance!) along to.

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Paul Sanchez had been a reveling singer and songwriter for decades—it was his entire life. But when tragedy struck the one thing he loved more than his music, he realized that his performing days were numbered.

Most of the music in this piece was by Paul Sanchez, including songs from the musical he is currently working on, Nine Lives. It’s a musical about the history of New Orleans between hurricanes Isaac and Katrina—you can hear it on Spotify already, so definitely listen. And thanks so much to Snap Judgment, who originally aired this story.

Beats Antique kinda sounds like if personifications of the world’s traditional music all got high and went clubbing together—a blend of Middle-Eastern, Balkan, African and American jams.

Drummer Tommy Cappel tells a story of how he came to play Balkan music. His tale is set in the famous Guča Festival in Serbia, where his crazy, sexy Extra Action Marching Band came up against the world’s best brass bands.

Yeasayer is a psychedelic pop-rock band out of Brooklyn, New York. Frontman Chris Keating tells a story about his grandparents’ ashes—he thinks that he’s going to Ireland for a simple burial, but his father has much more planned.

All the music in this piece was by Yeasayer, with the exception of “The Gold Ring Jig,” by Jordi Savall. They just came out with a new album called “Fragrant World.” Listen to it. It is so, so good.

Kraddy’s one of the founding members of the legendary Glitch Mob, and an incredible DJ in his own right. He’s got an album called “Anthems of the Hero,” and once upon a time, he was given the opportunity in an island paradise to be a hero himself.

All the music in this piece was by Kraddy. He even made a track specially for this episode of Stagedive! Download it here.

Butch Vig is a legendary producer. You might have heard of his work—Nirvana’s Nevermind, maybe? He’s also the drummer for Garbage, one of the most prolific and recognized rock bands of all time. So Butch has performed a lot—over 1,000 shows, all counted. But his most memorable show of all was in Serbia. In a castle. Surrounded by zombies.

All the music in this piece was by Garbage. Listen to their latest album, Not Your Kind of People. It is catchy and it kills. Thanks so much to Butch and the band!

Fun is known for their hit single, “We Are Young,” featuring Janelle Monae, but the fierce and fiery band has slew of killer songs featuring fervent violins and thundering piano riffs. Nate Ruess’ earnest lyrics soar alongside Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff’s melodies. In this story, Jack talks about seeing a local production of the musical “Pippin” that goes violently awry.

All the music in this piece was by Fun and the 1972 Broadway cast of Pippin. Check out Fun’s new album, Some Nights, and catch them on tour this summer!